The Truth About Targeted Alexa Traffic

When CPV traffic came out I was right in line getting my share…

When traffic exchanges EXPLODED, I was their getting my share…


Yet the truth is none of those fast, cheap, traffic sources did anything.  The old saying “it’s to good to be true” still lives.  *Next came ALEXA TRAFFIC and the ability to get targeted Alexa traffic to my website and more importantly to sign up for my offer came about.

….and that sounded GREAT!


But was it to “Good To Be True”??? Probably, if you don’t have a sales funnel that is capable to sell “Cold Traffic”.


Which is why I wrote this article:  In this article I will uncover what Targeted Alexa Traffic is and how you can benefit from it in your business today!


What is Targeted Alexa Traffic?

It usually represents a service where traffic is sold.  Today you can buy guaranteed signups, social media hits, and whole lot more… The most popular term when searching for targeted traffic service is the “Pop under method” which is the same as a pop-up ad.  Both are very targeted to the niche, yet remember these ads are un-timely… Meaning the viewer isn’t asking for them, despite how relative the ad is to what the viewer is reading online.

How To Make Money With Targeted Traffic?

Take notes…. Because this next tip I am about to reveal will help you with any cold traffic source. (PPC,PPV,SOLO ADS, ETC…) Cold traffic usually is harder to convert…Because they opt in on “EMOTION” vs. Warm Traffic who opt in after liking some piece of content that you’ve shared with them. It is your job when dealing with cold traffic to WARM it up!


First let me explain why people fail using Targeted Alexa Traffic?…

1. They don’t give enough value in the front end

2. They don’t follow up long enough

So, in reality Cold Traffic can be just as effective if you understand their differences.  Create a great offer and deliver on it.  Ask your new subscribers questions and answer them right away.  Be their EXPERT.  Be the ONE place they can get the information you’re giving, and FOLLOW UP often and for long…. And in return you will have success with Targeted Alexa Traffic!


The Necessity of Targeted Web Traffic

If you are someone that maintains a webpage for an online business or severe which creates substantial revenue, then it is important that you consider acquiring targeted web traffic for your webpage.   Some people may find these services to be arbitrary and completely unnecessary, but the truth of the matter is that without targeted web traffic, it is unlikely that you will develop even a fraction of the income that is possible if you were to have this feature accessible to you. Targeted website traffic can not only assist you in acquiring that initial line of attraction by customers, but it can also assist you in utilizing unmentioned methods of advertising, as these trafficked individuals will undoubtedly notify their colleagues of the product of service that you are selling, if satisfied.

Having targeting web traffic does not necessary mean that people will contribute to the profit gained from your website, but it is likely that this will drastically increase the odds of doing so.  Many companies that offer targeted web traffic services will even advertise that the “targeted” customers are directed towards your webpage because of a mutual interest that they have in the product or service that you are offering.  Not only do these companies increase the traffic to your website, but they pride themselves on the increased likelihood that you will acquire additional profits from their “trafficked” visitors.  Targeted website traffic will be the most beneficial to you if you are a person/company that earns income off of sales, services, or advertising.  If you gain enough targeted traffic, then advertising companies may offer to pay you and your company for advertising space on your webpage.  It is not advisable that you take them up on this offer, though, if their company coincides with the product or service that is being sold for your own company, though.  Direct competition will not be of any benefit to you or the company that you are advertising.

While some people may be skeptical as to the importance of targeted webpage traffic, it is important to note that with any business, increased profits are the sole goal of utilization.  If you believe that with additional customers, you could surely increase the profits being created by your webpage company, then targeted website traffic is a service that you should probably consider.

Benefits of Guaranteed Signups

Internet marketing and search engine optimization have epitomized the significance of web traffic. Every company in the world, which has at least some web presence and indulges in internet marketing, is practically obsessed with the concept of website traffic. Every assessing parameter seems to be based on website traffic.
Search engine rankings are being based on website traffic, although that is not entirely the case still it is being propagated by promoters and companies with vested interests. Website traffic and signups are being taken as indicators of a website doing well and thus a company reassures itself that their internet marketing strategies are bearing fruits. Interestingly, this bubble encapsulating traffic and signups soon bursts and companies realize that the all glitzy assessments have not lead to sales or genuine customers.
This is where guaranteed signups come in. Many internet marketing companies offer signups guaranteed which compel many businesses to hire their online marketing packages but in reality, these companies indulge in incentivized traffic. What these companies typically do is they offer incentives to people, internet users, who in turn visit the specific websites and signup. The company owning the website notices increased traffic and more signups and thus is happy with the results but nothing moves beyond this apparent statistic.
The first major benefit of guaranteed sign ups is that it gets genuine traffic. People are not incentivized and they are not lured to visit a website and signup to get something in return. Typically, the companies that incentivize are offering discounts, special offers, cash back or reward points for their gesture and these people who visit the site and signup are only doing so to get rewarded with incentives. Guaranteed signups are not aimed at enticing people with incentives to signup. Thus what you get as a result is genuine traffic and not a fake inflated statistic that would offer no returns.
The second benefit of guaranteed signups is that you get real live people who are interested in your products or services. The reason why website traffic is important is because it offers an indication of prospective customers visiting the site. By incentivizing visitors to signup, one cannot get an idea of true prospective customers. Hence, even if you have relatively more economic traffic with guaranteed signups, you can be sure of their interest and have more conversion eventually.
Thirdly, with guaranteed signups you not only make more sales but also get better rankings on search engines. With incentivized signups guaranteed by some companies, many automated systems and fake IP addresses are used to simply generate more traffic. These are also monitored by traffic rating agencies and search engines. You will get much more benefits over long term with search engine optimization as well.

The Advantages of Buying Targeted Web Traffic

Marketing on the internet is one of the most challenging aspects of having an online business. The internet is inherently based on a model where the user is the one who visits a site, unlike TV where the contents reach the viewers. So unless the user knows about your site beforehand, they are not likely to visit it. Indeed, without marketing effort, even the best site will struggle to get by with more than a couple of repeat visitors. This is where you can help your internet business by buying traffic – not just any traffic, but targeted traffic that is targeted towards your niche and geographic location.

How does Targeted Traffic Work

Many internet marketing companies sell packages of web traffic. For example, if you want to reach 1000 new users, you can buy a package of 1000 US visitors. As part of that package, your site should receive 1000 unique visitors. The marketing company uses its marketing channels and advertisements etc to get interested users to visit your site. The targeted aspect assures you that you are getting visitors who are part of the market you want to address. For example, if you are selling a book about how to save car insurance in the United States, there is no point in receiving visitors from Europe. The marketing companies, at least the ones who deliver what they promise, filter the visitors using their IP addresses, so you are assured that you get the visitor you asked for.

Why you Should buy Targeted Web Traffic

The advantages of buying targeted web traffic are not hard to see, but let us go over them for more detail

• Targeted web traffic delivers to you what all marketing aspires for: visitors who can be converted to customers. This saves you from marketing that can be a big headache by itself. Indeed, even in the real world, marketing is no kids game, but in the internet world, it is even more severe version of Survival of the Best Marketers.

• By getting targeted traffic, you are already in a better place to pitch your site to the visitor. For example, if yours were a Canadian site, then from the average traffic, there would be at most 5-10% Canadians. Therefore, from the average kind of traffic, you are getting up to as much as 90% of traffic that is of no use to you. Each of these visitors is wasting precious resources in the form of the load on your server, and other related expenses. With targeted traffic, you save on that effort and money.

• One advertizing guru once said, “50% of all our advertizing budget is wasted. But we cannot tell which 50% it is”. With targeted traffic, none of your budget is wasted because you are getting the right kind of traffic. Furthermore, you can track the visitors of your site, and see that they are being converted into customers to ensure that you are getting real targeted traffic. This means that you can actually track that the marketing company is actually delivering on what it promised you.

Why and How to Use Guaranteed Signups

Guaranteed signups are one of the most powerful marketing methods in the online world. Signups refers to interested people, who signup with you to receive information from you. In other marketing efforts, such as Google ads, it is as if you are going door to door pitching your product – the results are nothing to report home about. However, with guaranteed signups, you can think of them as captive audience – if you are a salesman, imagine you get a room full of people who are there to hear you pitch your product or service. Because they have signed up to hear you pitch your product, the conversion rate can be as much as 10% or even 30%. It is then up to you to convince them that you have the right product for them.

How Do Guaranteed Signups work

You can buy guaranteed signups from many internet-marketing companies. These companies have their marketing channels that they use to make signups. For example, you have the option to buy 100 signups to your newsletter. What this means is that the marketing company will then use its marketing efforts to interest 100 people in your product, who will then signup for your newsletter. If your newsletter is about a weight loss program, then the people who sign up will already have an idea about it. In effect this means that you are getting signups that are already interested in your product. If not your product, we are sure that they are interested in the topic – from there, you just have to convince them that yours is the product that is best suitable for them.

Incentivized vs. Non-Incentivized Signups

Not all signups are of the same quality. By quality, we refer to the ease with which you can convert a signup to a customer – some signups are easier to convert than are others. One major factor in quality of leads is decided by what is called incentivization. Incentive in this parlance refers to a freebie or a gift that is promised to the user if only they sign up. Here is the important fact from all the details: The users who have been incentivized are less likely to convert than the ones who are not. This comes from the fact that many of the incentivized users will have signed up just to get the free gift. This means they are less interested in your product and more interested in whatever freebie or gift that was given to them.

Pitching to a roomful of a people who are interested in listening to what he or she has to say is every salesman’s dream encounter. Who wants to go door to door when you can have people come to and show interest in your product? If you are not using guaranteed signups, you are missing out on one of the best kept secrets of online marketing world.