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Guaranteed Signups

How long does it take?

The beauty of the GSU system is that the leads are interested prospects directed to your sign-up page via numerous venues (traffic networks, expired domains, our PPC networks, Print ads, TV ads, and radio ads.  As they are delivered to our system and rotated to your clients page they will either sign-up based on the merits of the offer or they will not.  Because of this un-incentivized delivery system, there is no guarantee on delivery times.  To do so would mean compromising the integrity of the system and lower the quality of the GSU's.
Furthermore, the size of the campaign can affect the delivery times (a 25 GSU vs a 250 GSU campaign for example).
However, it is rare for a campaign of less than 100 GSU's to run over a 30 day period. 

What is a rush order?

A rush order ensures that certain campaigns a put into top rotation.  These orders will receive a larger percentage of available advertising space to ensure a speedy delivery time.  While normal campaigns take an average of 30 days to complete, rush orders take between 10 - 14 days to complete. 

Rush orders come at an additional cost.  In order to make an order a rush order, you will need to purchase an equal amount of rush credits to the amount of GSU credits you will use to set up the campaign.   A GSU order of 50 will require 50 rush credits as well to be activated as a rush order.  You will need to select the M"Make Rush Order" check box during the set up process.


Website traffic

What a diffent types of traffic you offer?

We offer 3 types of traffic currently.

Targeted Website Traffic.
This is traffic that can be both category targeted and geotargeted.  The category targeting can be changed at anytime during the campaign.

Targeted Alexa Traffic.
This is traffic that is exposed only to surfers who have the Alexa Toolbar installed on their computer.  The traffic will help to increase a websites overall Alexa ranking.

Targeted Adult Traffic (Mature).
Mature traffic or Adult traffic is geared towards sites that fall into the realm of 'If you don't want your kids seeing it, it goes here'.


Facebook Friends

How we do it.
With well over 300 million active FaceBook users the possibilities are endless.  Our extensive database houses millions of users, real people, who share similar interests as yourself.  Upon ordering, our staff will begin preparing a list of people who want to be your friend.  We will notify them of your presence and those that want to join will instantly become connected to everything you say and do on FaceBook.  On average, we send out 3 times the amount of notifications, than your purchase.  This insures that we have made an announcement to enough people to cover your order.  What this also means is that you will always get more that you purchased. 

How do I know these people are real?
If you have used FaceBook for any length of time, you will know that everytime you log into your account you see your friends activity on your wall.  Whether they are posting status updates or playing games, you can see everything that is going on in their lives.  Just the same, they can see what ever your doing as well.  So if you are playing the new Xbox game you sell online, then tell them.  If your band is going to be performing somewhere, tell them.  The possibilities are endless.

How long does it take?
Each package has a time frame associated with it.  While the time frames seem long, in many cases it is allot quicker.  In many cases, a 100-250 friend order can take as little as 2-3 business days.  However, we must insure ample time for all orders.

Can I be blocked from FaceBook by using your service?
Absolutely not.  Everyone we market to has already given permission to our company and wants to be connected with people and businesses with similar interests.